Our goal is simple: to activate an electorate that accurately represents the diversity of Florida’s residents. Through advocacy, technical innovation, and grassroots organizing SAVE Florida is fighting to make sure that every eligible Floridian is able to register, vote in the comfort of their own home, and cast a ballot that counts.

SAVE Florida is a member-driven, people-powered political action committee. Our mission is building and empowering a broad coalition of nonpartisan civic organizations and grassroots organizers to advance innovative solutions that remove barriers to voting.

Rampant voter suppression and disenfranchisement has opened the flood gates to xenophobic, oppressive political policies that have eroded the shores of our fair state. But at its core we remain strong – galvanizing the diverse electorate that will SAVE Florida.


Registering online to vote in Florida is now available

Need to register to vote in Florida for the first time, change your address, name or party affiliation? You can now do all that online.

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Stamp the vote & cast your ballot from your couch

Check out our quick & easy Vote by Mail registration website to vote from the comfort of your home and while researching the candidates.

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